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The One & The Many _ Jan Buchczik

The One & The Many is a fragmented story about identity and the long and often rocky road of finding yourself. Ingenious illustrations and short narrative pieces intertwine to become a cloudy tale about the frictions between one‘s own life — limited in time and space — and the curiosity and desire to be somebody else. Jan Buchczik is doing some not so serious detective work here, but what exactly he‘s looking for might remain a secret.

School: HfG Offenbach am Main, Germany
Website: www.buchczik.com
Online: @janbuchczik
Publisher: Pool Publishing

Size: 14 x 265 x 220 mm
Pages: 104 p.
Weight: 630 gr
Binding: Thread sewn binding with exposed back, Hardcover with embossing
Print: Offset
Language: English
Year: 2018

Edition of 300
Price: 12€ (+ shipping costs)

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