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Organised scenery _ Xiang Yun Loh

Natural and man-made textures are organised together to form these ‘natural’ recreation spaces. As urban dwellers, most of us have a great yearning to connect with nature. The ephemeral feeling of transiting between natural spaces and the high-density cities is translated through the use of chiffon as the printing medium. The use of this medium with the printed translucent overlaying images further engage our tactile and visual senses to examine how nature is being engineered in our cities, reframing our perception and experiences with nature.

Website: www.lohxiangyun.com
Online: @xyxiangyun

Size: 115 x 165 mm
Pages: 17 p.
Weight: 32 gr.
Binding: Thread sewn
Print: Laser
Language: English
Year: 2019

Sixth Edition: 50

Edition of 50