1 (Thirteen places around Porto) _ Francois Lamblin & Juliet Mérie
This is the first issue of a four-handed collection. Two people, two points of view, at the same place at the same time. This series of works questions the sharing of the discernible. Where does the potential of an image comes from ? Context, subject ? Did the other, so close to me, have an influence on the way I look at the world ? So many questions that are gently engrossed through these small trips.

Year: 2017
School: ENSAV La Cambre & Architecture La Cambre Horta, Belgium
Website: www.julietmerie.hotglue.me
Size: 15 x 135 x 215 mm
Pages: 30
Weight: 120 gr
ISBN: 978-2-9602131-1-9
Price: 10€