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光 Lumières _ Michiko Van de Velde

How do we describe the light that surrounds us? What words do we use? In Japanese, there are at least 158 characters that reference it. This book, written with my mother, pays tribute to my Japanese roots and our strong bond with light.

School: ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium
Website: www.michikovandevelde.com
Online: @michikovandevelde

Size: 19 x 89 x 148 mm
Pages: 176 p.
Weight: 164 gr
Binding: Thread sewn binding with exposed back, Softcover
Print: Laser & Serigraphy, Black
Languages: Japanese & French / English
Year: 2017
Finish: Box

First Edition of 100 (sold out)
Second Edition of 100 (sold out)
Third Edition of 100 (sold out)

Binding by Song Yi Han
Prize “Coup de coeur” from Les Amis de La Cambre, 2017